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Lessons can be scheduled at your convenience at our training center. We offer daytime, evening and weekend time slots.

We offer several different group classes to fit multiple personalities and skill levels. Young or old we have a class for you!

While you are at work, out for the day, or vacation, Day Training is an excellent addition to your training program for your dog or puppy.

We cater to your dog’s individual needs, whether your dog is training with us for the day, or boarding overnight.

Dynamite Dog Training

Force Free Methods Used Only by Our Certified Trainers

Dynamite Dog Training is a company that will provide you and your dog with all of the professional positive training methods and information you will need for you and your dog to live a long, healthy, happy life together. Dynamite Dog Training uses only force free methods. What does that mean…No chokers, no prong collars, and no shock collars. Training any dog with these methods, especially dogs with behavioral issues or aggression, is a recipe for disaster. We will provide you with the tools you need so that you and your dog are successful in a safe, non-aversive way.

Dynamite Dog Training was founded in 2006 by owner Jamie Diaz. Jamie’s passion has always been training dogs and wanted the company to reflect her vision for training every dog in a force-free way. Jamie started training clients privately for years, slowly growing her clientele and staff. Dynamite Dog Training has now grown to a staff of 8 and continues to grow due to the success of our clients and their dogs. We have a beautiful air-conditioned facility where we host amazing classes and still continue to see private clients daily.

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“Awesome place, friendly trainers and highly educated in teaching and training at the highest caliber.”

Phil Better

“Amazing dog training facility!! Run by a clean, professional and absolutely superb crew. We are so proud of our dog and we owe it all to Dynamite Dog Training!!”

Carrie Powers

“Love Dynamite Dog and all its trainers. The training has done wonder for our rescued dog. Thank you so much!”

Sandra Lippy

“Great staff! Fun and informative classes! The trainers at Dynamite have helped both of my dogs. We always look forward to our classes at the school.”


“I took my first puppy here with great results, I will be back in December with my new puppy. Love the staff and the effective training.”


“Super happy with the staff of Dynamite Dog. My 1 1/2 year old Golden Retriever is a Certified Therapy Dog thanks to the training I received. Still taking classes to make us better.”


“My puppy is growing into a wonderful dog thanks to Dynamite. They are even working with the behaviorist to make sure his issues are dealt with positively. I can’t recommend them any higher. We look forward to many more classes with Dynamite!”

Sarah Bloom

Meet Our Trainers

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