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Those of us who love dogs know what an important part of our lives they share. That’s why Iive made it my life’s mission to help create healthier, more balanced relationships between dogs and owners by spreading the word about positive reinforcement training. We all know that dogs need and want us to provide effective leadership, and I firmly believe that the only way to truly ensure that we are successful in achieving the necessary balance with our dogs is by using positive reinforcement and treating them with the same respect that we ask of them. Dogs are dogs, after all, and since they donít speak our language, the only way we can effectively communicate with them is if we learn to talk and think dog – Positively. Victoria Stilwell Positively is also proud to provide financial support for The Victoria Stilwell Foundation, which helps individuals and groups around the world to make life better for both dogs and humans by supporting canine assistance organizations and rescue shelters.

Victoria Stilwell Positively is a global community of trainers, owners, and anyone who believes as I do that positive training does more than teach your dog to sit, stay and come – it is a set of guiding principles that enriches the relationship between us and our dogs through positive reinforcement, effective leadership and an ability to truly communicate with the pets we love. “Positively”.

-Victoria Stilwell