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Wilfredo Rodriguez

wilfredo rodriguez

Wilfredo Rodriguez, (mostly known as Will), graduated Animal Behavior College in 2011, and has been with Dynamite Dog Training since he met the owner, Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Jamie Diaz. It is there that Wil, with Jamie as his mentor, learned the ways of “Positive Training.” With the motivation to solve all behavior issues and to teach dogs fun and simple commands, Wil continues his research and improves his skills each and every day.

Wil’s career in dog training began after a tragic accident involving his first dog, Rex, a Lab/Mastiff mix. He now helps others so that they can avoid any tragedy that involves their beloved canine companions. Today Wil owns 2 amazing dogs: Chance, a Lab/Pitbull and Zeus, an American Bulldog.

With knowledge and enthusiasm, Wil’s goal is to make canine companionship fun and memorable for both the dog and their owner. He loves to meet and interact with every breed and learn more about them and their personalities. Will hopes that one day everyone can see what the power of “Positive Training” can do for each and every dog.