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Alison Chambers

alison chambers

Alison Chambers is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, member of the Pet Professional Guild, AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, and also a C.L.A.S.S. evaluator and member of the APDT. Alison got her start at Animal Behavior College, where she mentored under Jamie Diaz, owner of Dynamite Dog Training. Alison’s insight and natural abilities as a trainer proved herself to be part of the Dynamite team, and her professionalism and can-do attitude then promoted her to office manager. Alison is a former equestrian, and that is how her interest began in animal training.

Alison has owned several different breeds and has had dogs of her own since the age of five, her personal interest being high drive working dogs. Her previous dogs included Golden Retrievers, Maltese, Jack Russell Terriers, Belgian Malinois, and a multitude of mixed-breed rescues. Alison has trained all of her dogs using only positive training methods, and truly believes it makes for a happier and healthy dog. Alison helped rehabilitate some of her own fearful and aggressive dogs, and thanks to her patience and understanding, has developed them into confident, well-balanced family members. She hopes to pursue these misunderstood canines to rehab them to their full potential. Alison thoroughly enjoys training the “tougher” dogs and teaches the leash reactive dog class at Dynamite. She also teaches K9 Nosework and Off Leash Puppy classes at the training center.

Alison’s thirst for canine knowledge has surpassed her from the rest. Her goals include gaining her CPDT-KA as well as her K9 Nosework Instructor certifications. Alison lives in Boca Raton with her two personal dogs, Otto, a bull terrier mix, and Ruca, a Belgian Malinois. She loves to attend sheep herding and plans on pursuing the dog sport world of dock diving and agility. Alison loves learning and interacting with every breed that she can, and believes that force free training works for every dog.